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Prof. Siobhán Clarke has been awarded a Science Foundation Ireland PI Award in Smart Cities


DSG’s Prof. Siobhán Clarke and Dr. Dirk Pesch from Cork Institute of Technology have recently been awarded a Science Foundation Ireland Principal Investigator grant in the Smart Cities domain. The proposed research will be focussed on investigating and demonstrating concepts of service-centric networks, in an urban setting, that aim at an embodiment of sensing, communication and computing based on cloud computing principles. Limited resources in urban environments, such as road networks, energy and water, are under increasing strain as a result of population growth. However, such resources could be managed in a better way if there was better access to real-time, city-wide sensor data. This project will investigate the design of a new service-oriented, data infrastructure and communications platform that improves the accessibility of large-scale, geographically-spread data for urban services providers. The research project is supported by Science Foundation Ireland under the Principal Investigator programme between 2014-2018 and will be conducted with collaborators from NUI Maynooth, IBM Smarter Cities Research Centre, Intel Intelligent Cities Lab, EMC2 Research Europe, and Arup.