DSG - Publications

Siobhán Clarke, Robert J Walker., Separating Crosscutting Concerns across the Lifecycle: From Composition Patterns to AspectJ and Hyper/J, University of British Columbia, May 2001 , 2001
Siobhán Clarke, Robert J. Walker, Composition Patterns: An Approach to Designing Reusable Aspects, 23rd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), Toronto, Canada, May, ACM Special Interest Group on Software Engineering , 2001, pp5 - 14
Siobhán Clarke., Composition of Object-Oriented Software Design Models, Ph.D. Thesis Dublin City University., 2001
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Siobhán Clarke, Designing Reusable Patterns of Cross-Cutting Behaviour with Composition Patterns, Proceedings for Workshop on Advanced Separation of Concerns. , Workshop on Advanced Separation of Concerns. , OOPSLA 2000, 2000
Siobhán Clarke, Composing Design Models: An extension to the UML, Third International Conference on the Unified Modeling Language (UML), York, UK, October, 1939, Springer, LNCS, 2000, pp338 - 352
Siobhán Clarke, Extending UML Metamodel for Design Composition, Proceedings of Workshop on Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns in Object-Oriented Systems, Workshop on Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns in Object-Oriented Systems, 2000, 2000
Siobhán Clarke, William Harrison, Harold Ossher, Peri Tarr, Subject-Oriented Design: Towards Improved Alignment of Requirements, Design and Code, Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications (OOPSLA), Denver, Colorado , November, 1999, pp325 - 339
Siobhán Clarke, John Murphy, Mark Roantree, Composition of UML Design Models: A tool to support the resolution of conflicts, Object Oriented Information Systems (OOIS), Paris, France, September, 1998, pp464 - 479

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